SCIA rilascio o rinnovo autorizzazione generale - gennaio 2022

Richiesta per ammissione esami o duplicato patente - gennaio 2022

Richiesta ammissione esami con esonero parziale - gennaio 2022

Richiesta patente operatore senza esami - luglio 2018

Dichiarazione genitore-tutore per esami minore - gennaio 2022

Richiesta assegnazione nominativo - gennaio 2022

Richiesta autorizzazione generale radioamatori - luglio 2018

Richiesta attestazione autorizzazione generale radioamatori - luglio 2018

SCIA rilascio rinnovo autorizzazione speciale - gennaio 2022

Dichiarazione sostitutiva dell'atto di notorietà - gennaio 2022

Richiesta duplicato attestato autorizzazione generale - agosto 2015

Richiesta estensione CEPT - luglio 2018

Richiesta certificazione HAREC- gennaio 2022

Richiesta nominativo internazionale - luglio 2018

Richiesta sostituzione nominativo- marzo 2015

Richiesta iscrizione registro SWL - gennaio 2022

Richiesta assegnazione nominativo speciale per singolo operatore

Richiesta assegnazione nominativo speciale per multioperatore

Dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazione di residenza- gennaio 2022

Richiesta variazione domicilio abituale senza cambiamento di call area

Richiesta variazione domicilio abituale con cambiamento di call area

Richiesta di trasferimento sezione ARI

Dichiarazione sostitutiva marche da bollo (Ispettorato)- gennaio 2022

Dichiarazione sostitutiva marche da bollo telematiche - gennaio 2022

Comunicazione al condominio per installazione antenne

Scheda tecnica per richiesta attivazioni stazioni ripetitrici

Richiesta autorizzazione speciale per associazioni - luglio 2018

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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  •  Although our Sun is currently peppered with spots, average daily sunspot number slipped from 134.1 the previous week to 124.7 during this reporting week, May 19 to 25.Average daily solar flux was actually a tiny bit higher, rising hardly at all from 157.3 to 158.8. Solar flux has been in a slow, steady decline from a peak of 179.9 on May 18.A new sunspot group emerged on May 19, two more on Ma...

  • ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® honors and remembers the ultimate sacrifice made by those who served in the U.S. armed forces. ARRL Headquarters will be closed Monday, May 30, 2022, in observance of Memorial Day.There will be no W1AW code practice or bulletin transmissions on Memorial Day. ARRL Headquarters will reopen Tuesday, May 31, at 8 AM EDT.Visit the ARRL Special Events...

  • Freemasons of the Sequin-Level Lodge No. 140, located in Newington, Connecticut, recognized ARRL with a presentation on Thursday, April 7, 2022. The special recognition was organized and led by the Lodge's Worshipful Master, Jon Faasen, AA1EZ. Faasen is also a member of the ARRL staff, serving as a Membership Services Representative in the Membership, Marketing, and Communications Department.Fa...

  • The results of two Spring Section Manager (SM) elections were determined when the ballots were counted at ARRL Headquarters on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.Because no nominations were received by the original nomination deadline of September 10, 2021, it was necessary to re-solicit nominations for Delaware SM. Joseph Grib, KI3B, a resident of Bear, Delaware was appointed Interim Delaware SM in January...

  • The 20th Annual ARRL Donor Recognition Reception was held on Thursday, May 19, 2022, at The Schuster Center Wintergarden in Dayton, Ohio. Over 160 ARRL donors and their guests were in attendance. The keynote speaker for the evening was ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Minster, NA2AA. The event preceded Dayton Hamvention®, held May 20 - 22."What does amateur radio mean to you?" asked Minster a...

  • By all accounts, the 2022 Dayton Hamvention®, which also served as the 70th reunion, was a great success. Thousands of ham radio operators, their families and friends, and other enthusiasts passed through the gate during its 3-day run, May 20 - 22, at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio. Local reports estimate the event brings over $30 million dollars to the economy of ...

  •  Solar activity was up, up, up this week, with average daily sunspot numbers increasing from 74.4 to 134.1, and average daily solar flux from 120.3 to 157.3.To get some perspective, I averaged the weekly averages for sunspot number and solar flux from this bulletin and the previous three, then compared them to the bulletins from one year earlier.A year ago, the averages for 2021 Propagation For...

  • We saw some evidence of sporadic-e propagation this week on 6 and 10 meters, always surprising and exciting.Solar activity was about the same as last week, at least going by the numbers.Average daily sunspot numbers rose slightly from 68.6 to 74.4, while average daily solar flux only budged from 120 to 120.3.Geomagnetic indicators were quieter, with average daily planetary A index shifting from...

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    Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site The
  • Big Wheel Antenna for VHF , Making Sense of Solar Indices, Six meter Hentenna, SDRangel, The SPC Tuner, E-field Probe Antenna, WebSDR in Andorra

  • The W5JGV Loop Antenna , Square Halo Antenna for 10 and 20 Meters, WebSDR Roma2 Online Radio, Magnetic Loop HF antenna, Ham Census, PhotoQSLs, EDI Log Format,

  • FDS have ceased the production of QSL cards as of 1st May 2022.

  • How to install a Mini Whip antenna, T2FD Antenna - Terminated and twisted folded dipole, Ham Radio and Solar Power Systems, Folded Dipoles in Yagi Uda Antennas, Transmission Line Details , DK0TE WebSDR Friedrichshafen, WebSDR from Croatia,

  • Build this Vertical Portable HF Antenna, Which part of a dipole radiates most?, Spy Numbers Stations, Pirate QSL Collection, DK0TE Mobile version WebSDR Germany, Pro Audio Engineering, SR4DON Web Radio Receiver, DK0TE KiwiSDR Germany, UR5WT WebSDR on 80m, Northern Utah WebSDR USA

  • IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

  • Antennas/DipoleExperimenting a 20 40 meter short coil loaded dipole antenna with the goal to keep the total length under 40 feet so that the dipole can be mounted on two 20 foot fiberglass pole to make a 20/40 meter rotatable dipole.

  • Technical Reference/Arduino/Morse CodeAn open hardware and open source keyer that allows you to precisely diagnose any timing errors in your keying.





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