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1 Convention ARI HF-VHF&UP 2024 364
2 IC-7300 + MSHV Setting up for DXpedition by IK0XBX 2302
3 Verbale CD accettazione cariche sociali 2023-2026 2323
4 Ricordo di I0ZUT Giampiero - SK 2672
5 Field Day - Esercitazione Protezione Civile 2971
6 ARI PG - Attività estive 2657
7 Ricordo per un amico... de I0KWX 2619
8 Risultati Field Day HF IARU Reg.1 CW 2022 6331
9 IQ0PG – JN63JF – Eremo di Serrasanta Gualdo Tadino (PG) 3369
10 Costruzione Yagi 144Mhz ad alta efficienza 3701
11 Costruzione alimentatore riciclando un vecchio switch 3Com 3594
12 Esercitazione di protezione civile nazionale ARI PG 2742
13 Congresso ARI VHF & UP 2022 3171
14 Contest University Italy 2022 Montichiari (BS) 4227
15 Radioassistenza Grifonissima 2022 3675
16 Prove di sintonia da sala radio della prefettura Perugia 3409
17 Contest 40-80 - Esercitazione P.C. - Rassegna stampa 3019
18 Contest 40-80 2021 - IQ0PG 2522
19 La Sezione ARI di Perugia è di nuovo aperta ai soci 7050
20 ..è stato un successo!! Field Day HF I.A.R.U. Reg. 1 SSB 2021–Memorial I0FLY 3140
21 Field Day HF I.A.R.U. Reg. 1 SSB 2021–Memorial I0FLY 2845
22 Nomina FIPAV UMBRIA per IK0FUX 5320
23 La Sezione ARI Perugia è ora... APS 3336
24 Consegna targhe commemorative 75.anniversario ARI PG 3662
25 Radioassistenza Grifonissima 2021 3492
26 Premiazione FIELD DAY 2019 e 2020 - Memorial I0FLY 3417
27 Ponte RU6.. operativo 3366
28 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2021 online 3205
29 Diploma celebrativo per i 75 anni di ARI Perugia 3085
30 75 anni... Auguri per ARI Perugia 3369
31 Cariche sociali per il nuovo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 3388
32 Verbale accettazione delle cariche sociali per il nuvo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 3469
33 Risultati scrutinio elezioni 2020 per rinnovo cariche C.D. di ARI Perugia 2903
34 Esercitazione di Protezione Civile ARI RE 4195
35 IZ0ABD HF Beacon Manager 2834
36 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2020 online 2549
37 Comunicato MISE del 30/09/2020 - Esami online 2562
38 IQ0PG/P - Field Day HF IARU Region 1 SSB 2020 - Memorial I0FLY 3452
39 Classifiche Contest Sezioni ARI 2020 2916
40 Classifiche ARI DX 2020 - 1st Place ARI PG 8474
41 Dismissione sito contest di Agello 2278
42 Rinnovo delle cariche del C.R.Umbria 4275
43 Secondo webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 1960
44 Webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 2075
46 Autocostruzione antenna per i 6 metri 8716
47 I0NAA - Ricezione immagini EME 11280
48 Manutenzione antenne prefettura Perugia 2094
49 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2019 per ARI PG 3365
50 Declared Contest CQWW 2019 - ARI PG... by I0ZUT (2) 3443

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Ricevitore SDR ARI PG


Previsioni Meteo Umbria


IQ0PG & IQ0PG/P awards





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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  • ARRL Director Nomar Vizcarrondo, NP4H, who has represented the Hudson Division since March 2023, has stepped down, effective July 12, 2024, at 5 PM Eastern.Vice Director Ed Wilson, N2XDD, will accede to the Director’s chair to complete the remainder of a 3-year term ending December 31, 2024. Wilson has served as Vice Director since June 2023. He has held ARRL Field Organization appointments as ...

  • New sunspot groups, nine in all, emerged on every day of this reporting week, July 4 to 10. One on July 4, another on July 5, two more on July 6, another each on July 7 and July 8, two more on July 9 and another on July 10. On July 11, two more sunspot groups emerged, and the total sunspot area expanded by 13 per cent. Despite the appearance of so many new sunspots, average daily sunspot number...

  • ARRL® The National Association for Amateur Radio® joined The Weather Channel on Thursday, July 11, 2024, for a live chat about the value of amateur radio during hurricane season and beyond. ARRL’s Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R, talked about how radio helps inform the warning process through surface observations relayed through the Hurricane Watch Net and other nets to WX4NHC, the amateur radio station ...

  • At Ham Radio 2024, the International amateur radio exhibition, last week in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the Software Defined Radio Academy (SDRA) celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Founded in 2014, the SDRA has become a new platform for the exchange of knowledge surrounding software defined radio. In the early years, the academy’s lectures were recorded with primitive camera technology, but toda...

  • Remnants of Hurricane Beryl, now a post-tropical cyclone, were moving northeast as of early Thursday morning with heavy rain and 35 mph winds. The storm is forecast to continue its current direction as it moves through Pennsylvania, upstate New York, northern New England and Canada, moving ENE at 20 mph. Beryl was the fastest and earliest storm of the hurricane season and during its 8-day run t...

  • The numbers for ARRL 2024 Field Day continue to grow. As of Thursday, July 11, there were nearly 3,500 entries posted. Remember, the deadline for entries is July 23, 2024. It’s a good idea to check the ARRL Field Day website daily for the latest updates and to make sure your entries are completed. If you see “complete” in the status column, your entries are good. If you see ‘pending documents,’...

  • Updated 07/09/2024As previously reported, ARRL® Logbook of The World® (LoTW®) returned to service on Monday, July 1, 2024. As anticipated, there was a significant rise in use to catch up on processing logs following the outage. It took 4 days for normal processing times to return.The ARRL Radiosport Department has resumed processing applications for most awards. The systems for Worked All State...

  • Amateur Radio is active to provide critical communications for those in the path of Hurricane Beryl. This page will be updated with the latest information as it comes in. By: John Ross, KD8IDJ, and Sierra Harrop, W5DXMonday, July 8, 2024, Noon EDT update: The following information is from Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, Net Manager for the Hurricane Watch Net:The Hurricane Watch Net concluded operations ...

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    Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site The Amateur Radio Internet Guide
  • WSJTX-Controller-v2, A Practical Approach to Ham Radio Antennas, A Compact, DIY Multi-Band Antenna for HF Without an ATU, Worldwide List of HF Beacons, Data for Dummies, Getting started in Amateur Television, AutoEZ, SV1OCA QSL Collection

  • Build Your Own Multiband Antenna (EFHW), HF antenna for hams with limited space, Hacking the Butternut HF2V, Greencube Terminal program, IFR Chart Symbols, ALFA ALFA WorldWide Radio DX Goup, Aurora Forecast - A Short-Term Forecast and Its Impact, SWL contest 2024, N2RWE's Real-time APRS, CWOP, OGN, and CBAPRS Maps

  • WSJT-X 2.7.0 Release Candidate 5 has been officially made available to the public. This RC version introduce the new superfox mode designed to help DXPeditions on making QSOs at high rates.

  • Radio Reflection Detection website, Unlocking the 2-Meter Band: Essential Frequency Selection Tips for Amateur Radio Operators, 3D2CCC Log Online, Space Weather Woman, IZ0EVK Web Cluster, 3D2CCC Conway Reef, FT4GL Glorioso Is,

  • Vertical Windom Antenna Project, Building a 20W All-Band HF SDR with Softrock 6.3, Homebrew EFHW Antenna for Low Power HF (40/20/15/10m), PSKmail: Email and Internet on HF, A Feature-Rich RF Power Meter with AM Detection, LIVE MUF V7 SOFTWARE, PropQuest,

  • Is your ham radio club on our list? We feature thousands of links to amateur radio clubs worldwide. Add your club's link today!

  • Since December 2020, the FCC no longer prints paper amateur radio licenses. Licensees must ... - Listed in Ham Radio/Licensing

  • The article describes the construction of a Lindenblad antenna, which is well-suited for receiving ... - Listed in Antennas/Lindenblad





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